Telling your friends about your book

I worry that if I’m earnest when I tell my friends about ‘Syafika and D’arby don’t save the world’ I’ll end up getting hurt when they don’t read it or don’t like it, so I’ve been thinking about how I can make fun of myself by being deliberately uncompelling:

  • Hey, would you like to read the 211 chapter novel I wrote that was inspired by ecological economics and modern monetary theory?
  • I self-published a 220,000 word Ebook and I ignored the ‘show, don’t tell’ rule. Will you please review it?
  • For years and years I’ve secretly been writing a book about a group of self-absorbed Sydney-siders and when people I know do something annoying I sometimes add it to the story.
  • You know how arseholes and psychopaths make me so angry and how I tend to go on and on about things like democracy, economics, nature and gardening? Well, would you like to read the book I’ve written about all that?
  • I can’t decide if my novel should be classified as philosophical fiction or political fiction. Will you read it and help me decide?
  • I think most people waste their lives so I spent thousands of hours writing a long and complicated novel about it.

If that’s made you feel like reading it, go here!



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